Walmart Discover Card End of Partnership

Discover Card was the favorite for many retailer stores for a very long time. It was first introduced to the market by Sears back in 1985 with no annual fee and with high credit limit. As time go by more companies introduced the card into their system innovating its services with for example cash back bonuses.

Since 1004 Waltmart and its warehouse store, Sam’s Club, began working with this card and Mastercard for purchases. However, in 2014 Walmart announced the end of their relationship with walmart discover card, converting all the Discover cards to the Mastercard network. Ii is believes that the biggest retailer in the world made the decision to choose the second larger payment network to reinforce its identity.

Visa was never an option as the retailer has been fighting in court for more than ten years with Visa pleading violation to federal antitrust laws in an attempt to fix transaction fees with other banks, so the retailer had to choose the second larger card in the world.

Mastercard’s chief product officer has spoken about this decision, stating that they always had a good relationship and that this conversion show the strong partnership between the companies declaring that there will be a lot of benefits for consumers.